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May 2014 archive

Astarte (ah STAR tay) – Goddess of the Night Stars

astarte-ishtarThis Phoenician goddess illuminates us through the stars. She was birthed with many identities throughout her history. She is our womb of life, nurturing us into our existence. In the Old Testament, she was relegated to the shameful woman because she reveled in her sexuality without bearing children. As her legacy traveled west toward Europe, her power presented itself as warrior; a strong woman always equipped with her quiver and arrows.

She was fierce and tenacious, standing for her children and country, giving full sacrifice to the good of all. She stands naked and true to herself. She can be found with a face of a lioness, the wings of a great bird and the horns of a cow.

Astarte’s astral body gives her the ability to be in all places at once. Governing our evening, our safety and protection. In the winter, she descended into the underworld to find her lover. And upon the reunion the earth began its journey into spring.

Her many shrines date back to the Bronze Age. Her stature was strong and all prevailing. She was the protector of the day and night. The bright stars piercing the night were the jewels of the Earth. As the Holy Guardian, warriors looked to her to bless their battles and women looked to her blessing for protection of all that is.

She reminds us that when we find the light within our soul, we will uncover the resplendent mystery of ourselves that we have been searching for. And upon that discovery, we share that joy with others to honor this. And when doing so, we inspire others to do the same.

Consideration: What mystery do you find when studying the night sky?

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Beautification – One Piece at a Time

litterlrgI love taking time in a day to observe and be more present with my surroundings. I’m then able to be more focused on the beauty in the world. Taking the bus to and from work, gives me the opportunity to appreciate interesting details in architecture; such as seeing red wrought iron stairs adorning a black modern style building. Or witnessing a mother kissing her baby’s toes.

I love seeing the moist earth hold the freshly emerging sprouts of green grass – a sign that the snow is finally gone. It’s hopeful to see the small buds emerge on trees and bushes, with the promise of spring.

When I take walks outside with one of my friends I notice how good she is about picking up garbage along the way. I’ve found that the older I get I’ve become more squeamish and don’t want to do that. My mind scolds me with “whiner” “slacker.” I do appreciate the stretches of lawn, trees, flowers and dirt amidst big city living and know that it’s up to me to do my part in keeping my earth home beautiful.

So I’m challenging myself to pick up 30 pieces of outside trash every month. This does not include my yard or car, nor the disposable glove I will carry with me, nor the plastic bag I use to collect the trash. I could pick up a piece a day or all at once.

Since I’m posting this on May 1, I will report in every month to give you my count.

Consideration: What do you do or can do to keep beauty ever present in our earth home?